1. Two lines, of equal length, meet at the top. This is to show the bilingual side of this store where English and French books are available.
  2. The color green represents faith and spiritual growth.
  3. The book covers are red to show Christ's love which was given freely on the cross and His love lives on in his "Word of Life".
  4. A cross at the top suggest that mainly religious books are sold at this store.
  5. The letters LVB are the abreviations of the Librairie Vision Bookstore.
  6. A solid black line at the bottom of the triangle is the foundation, the rock that supports the store. This represents all the volunteers who have worked here in the past and those that continue to offer their services.
  7. The letter " A " reminds us of the person who made this store a reality : our dear Frère Antoine Melanson!